IAM was founded in 2012 and received non-profit status in 2014. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity and arts organization founded with the mission to take on and care for the works of brilliant, under-represented artists once they have departed. We receive the collections of deceased artists and also work alongside artists who are ready to consider how their legacy will continue after they've passed. Inspired by Carlo Pittore's infamous "When this you see, reMEmber me," IAM's mission is to Remember the Artist.

For us, this means giving significant thought to who the artist was during their lifetime, and establishing a powerful legacy that is in alignment with the artist's beliefs, values and vision. It means keeping the artist at the forefront of our minds as we archive their work, create a system of digital preservation, and seek out opportunities for the work to be exhibited, researched and discussed once they've departed. To that end, we are currently focused on the following activities:

Living Archive

IAM maintains a living archive of the works of outstanding underrepresented artists. Our archive is “living” in that it is continuously evolving. We currently manage the collection of renowned international mail artist, Carlo Pittore (a.k.a. Charles Stanley). We are in conversation with our second artist, originally from Argentina, and look forward to sharing her work in the upcoming months. We are also viewing additional collections for inclusion within the archive. Please feel free to contact us with artists to consider, or to set up an appointment to view our collections in person.

As part of our archival procedures, we seek to establish both a physical space for each body of work, and a public-facing digital archive. Because each collection varies in the content and scope of works included, this process may take months or years to complete. If you are interested in assisting with this process, we would love to hear from you!


We strategically place portions of our archived collections in both public and private spaces, increasing visibility for our artists and offering the public more diverse opportunities to encounter their work. To date, artwork from the Carlo Pittore collection has been positioned at the MoMA Library (NYC, NY, USA), the Getty Institute (LA, CA, USA), the Sonja Henie Museum (Oslo, Norway), the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry (Miami Beach, FL, USA), the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC, USA), the Bowdoin College Museum of Art (Brunswick, ME, USA), the Portland Museum of Art (Portland, ME, USA), the Manhattan School of Music (NYC, NY, USA), the Leslie Lohman Museum (NYC, NY, USA) and other private and institutional collections. 

Housing the Archive

We anticipate each of our archive locations will develop into interactive contemporary art spaces for the public, international artists, curators, scholars, and students. The Carlo Pittore collection is currently housed in a repurposed warehouse in Brunswick, Maine. We aim to create spaces for each individual artist’s archive in the cities, towns and rural communities that contributed to their success, in addition to maintaining a central location where all of our collections may be accessed and experienced.