Members make IAM possible. With your participation, IAM is able to sustain our support of artists' rights; to foster in-depth, long-term relationships with artists and their benefactors; and to preserve, present, and lend our collections. Members help realize commissions, exhibitions, performances, installations and residencies.

Your gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. 

All members receive:

* Special invitations to exhibition openings and member events.

* Fiscal sponsorship for projects that align with IAM's mission and vision.

* Unrestricted access to both digital and physical archives, as they become available.

Annual Membership Levels:

Starving Artist: In lieu of financial payment, IAM will accept a small original artwork to be included within our archives. Please contact us for details. 

Youth: $5 (18 and under)

Discounted: $25 (Working artists, full time students and individuals ages 65 and over with limited income.) 

Individual: $50 

Friend: $100 

Associate: $500

Other: We gladly accept gifts in any amount. 

Please contact us directly to discuss personalized Corporate and Lifetime Sponsorship levels and benefits.

Founding Members:

Founding Members are key partners in the next phase of IAM’s development. For those patrons who commit to supporting IAM with a gift of $2,500 or more, we offer a unique membership opportunity. With your tax-deductible donation, you will receive:

 * A lifetime membership to International Artists Manifest.

 * An opportunity to attend and offer insight at our Annual Meeting.

 * Free admission to all IAM exhibitions and installations.

 * Invitations to Founding Member special events.

 * A lifetime of limited edition annual art correspondences.

 * A limited edition print available only to Founding Members

Our priorities include: celebrating the acquisition of our inaugural collection, the works and ephemera of the internationally recognized figurative painter and mail artist Carlo Pittore; fostering a solid network of artists and arts organizations locally, nationally, and internationally; championing artists’ rights; and providing fiscal sponsorship for artists. We will also build partnerships with established institutions and venues that have shown enormous commitment to artists- many of which were created by artists for fellow artists.